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Principles First had its origin in skills training, which is still a key component of all we do. However, as players began to join PF many began to ask for a chance to join a team, thus the first Select Teams were birthed.  As our program has grown we have reached the place of offering Local & Travel Teams to our older players.

SELECT & TRAVEL //  13-18

These teams are designed for younger players who do not have school basketball teams yet available.  These teams will be more competitive than entry level youth basketball programs, but the focus will be developing players.  PF anticipates only local travel for these teams.  Please contact PF for registration dates to join these teams.

The Select and Travel Teams are more competitive by design.  Tryouts are held for the teams and players will be grouped with players of similar skill level.  We now have Travel Teams for our older athletes. Contact PF to find out tryout dates and cost information.

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